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Driving Schools Burnley (website notes)

This is a website for people who wish to develop their driving skills and to pass their driving licence.
Belvedere School Of Motoring is the oldest driving school in Burnley.
We recommend that all pupils take a minimum of 2 hours of professional driving tuition per week.
The more hours taken inside a 7 day period the more you will learn.
The longer the time in between lessons the more you will forget.
Learning to drive can be more economical if you take regular lessons.
Many students will start to learn to drive in our automatic car to learn road craft, then switch to manual to learn the gears.
We recommend you book your theory test immediately.
We recommend you revise and pass your theory test within 6 weeks of starting to learn to drive.
Most people who pass their theory test early tend to have fewer driving lessons overall.
There are many driving schools in Burnley but we are the only one to offer a triple guarantee.
The triple guarantee comprises of, a money back guarantee, a price promise and a 2 year driving licence warranty.
To pass your driving test first time you must be 100% prepared
You preparation is the key to your driving confidence.
The driving examiner wants to make sure you are a safe driver and able to drive without assistance.
Before you go to test you will take a mock test to help prepare you.
Before you go to your driving test you will be driving independently of your driving instructor.
Being an independent driver and passing a mock test proves you are prepared.
Knowing you are prepared will give you the confidence to shine on your driving test.