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Belvedere Driving School | Established 1970

Driving Lessons in Burnley | Manual | Automatic

Learning to drive has never been easier with my driving lessons in Burnley. With over 40 years experience and my TRIPLE GUARANTEE you can be rest assured I am the right driving instructor in Burnley for you.

My personal guarantee includes your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with your lesson, how good is that?
I have a wide range of driving courses to help all abilities from beginners to nervous pupils and automatic driving lessons in Burnley

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 Kenneth Spencer

Driving Lessons In Burnley

My name is Kenneth Spencer and I’m going to help you to learn to drive and pass your driving test. Belvedere School of Motoring is a family business and is over 40 years old, so you can be totally assured that we have the skills, experience, knowledge and patience to help you get your driving licence. You can find many schools my Googling “driving lessons Burnley” but none like us…
You have a big problem right now, just which driving school in Burnley are you going to choose? You want your driving licence, but you also want the best possible service and that is going to include things such as a fun learning experience, not to be ripped off, and you would love to pass your driving test first time. So let me tell you about out special triple guarantee…we are the first driving school in Burnley to offer this guarantee to you.

Driving Lessons In Burnley With A Triple Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee
Yes indeed, a money back guarantee, is there another driving school in Burnley who offers that assurance? If you are not 100% satisfied with you last driving lesson and you want to try someone else who offers driving lessons in Burnley then we will refund you for that last lesson. I have been training people how to drive for years, I have seen and heard everything possible when it comes to learning to drive and I am in the position to offer you this guarantee.

Pass Promise
If you could press a magic button you would pass your driving test at the first attempt, sadly magic buttons don’t exist, but I will make a promise, if you do not pass your test with my driving school in Burnley on the first attempt I will cover the cost of your next test.

I’m really confident in the skills and experience I have, this is why I can offer you such a brilliant promise. In return I am seeking the following commitment from you.
You will take a lesson every week, and if you happen to miss a lesson you need to rebook for that week or double up. You will take at least 40 hours of driving tuition with me, but do not worry, the national average is almost 20% higher so I am not asking you to take extra lessons. Before you take the driving test you will have passed a mock test and will have completed your learning to drive syllabus as being independent in every sector, that will prove beyond doubt you are a safe driver.
All the tests will be conducted in my driving school car, and all tests booked with my knowledge. If in the event you somehow fail the test I will cover the cost of your next test with free remedial lessons.

2 Year Driving Licence Warranty
Did you know it is newly qualified drivers who have the greatest threat of being involved in a car accident, it is not that new drivers can’t drive, it is just a case of experience. Whatever the skill when someone is newly qualified it is easy to forget things or become unassured and the same is with driving.

Here at Belvedere my commitment to you is to make sure you always feel same, comfortable and in control, therefore I am offering you free refresher lessons after you have passed your driving test for the following 2 years. You can have 3 hours of refresher lessons per year. The hours can’t be sold, exchanged, carried over into the year or used for advanced driving and the lessons will be in your car which is road legal and fuelled.

Driving Instructors in Burnley (Great Questions To Ask)

To the best of my knowledge no one else offers the triple guarantee in Burnley, we are the first driving school in Burnley for sure to help you this way and with my years of experience, and fun attitude to learning how to drive you will really enjoy passing your driving test.

However, I am sure you will ring around, that’s normal, but what questions are you going to ask driving instructors in Burnley? Most people will ask about pass rates, but you know what they say about statistics, and then you are left with questions such as, how many lessons will you need, how much are the lessons, what type of car do you drive. They don’t really cut the mustard do they?


Questions To Ask Driving Instructors In Burnley

1. First of all look on the website to see if they offer advanced driving lessons, motorway lessons and/or Pass Plus. If they do not it is my recommendation to stay away and to make contact. You see the driving test does not currently cover things such as driving at night, or in bad weather. In fact if the weather is a bit iffy the test could get cancelled. And of course the test does not cover motorway driving. The right driving instructor in Burnley will want to make sure you are safe and therefore offer post test lessons to give you those safe skills.

2. Did you know each driving instructor receives a grade? Ask what their grade is.

3. However, the instructor could have been graded a long time ago, so ask when they were last graded, and also ask what training courses have they since attended to maintain and develop their skills.

Driving Schools In Burnley Who Help You Pass First Time

1. In control of the car at all times
2. Always obeying the Highway Code
3. To drive with the right attitude
4. Able to spot hazards and avoid them

Every learner driver will be looking for driving schools in Burnley to help them pass first time, but do you know how to pass first time? Have you ever seen what you going to need to achieve to be a safe driver? The 4 points featured above perfectly define what it is to be a safe driver and that is what you need to achieve to pass your driving test.

Do you think it would make sense to start learning those 4 points on your first lesson and have then included on every driving skill you are going to learn? That’s what I do, that is why you are going to have a great chance of passing first time when taking driving lessons in Burnley with Belvedere School of Motoring.

Pick up the phone and call me now to get your driving licence.

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