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Like many learner drivers you are interested with cheap driving lessons in Burnley, and not for one minute can I blame you. Just how can you make a determination in the level of quality from one driving school to another?

What I have done to help you with getting cheap driving lessons in Burnley is this, rather than cut my prices by £1 or £2 and you can save around £100 maximum on learning to drive. I'm going to share with you all of my experience and outline how you could save over £500 on passing your driving test.

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Kenneth Spencer

Cheap Driving Lessons In Burnley – Save £500

As all driving schools look very similar lots of learners are going to be reaching out for cheap driving lessons in Burnley, and why not? Why do you want to pay more than is needed?

Today, I am going to show you how you could save well over £500, and you are soon going to forget about looking for someone advertising cheap driving lessons in Burnley. You see you may save say £2 or £3 an hour, or there might be a special deal saving you £100, but is nothing to saving £500.

Firstly, the cheap driving schools in Burnley offering deals such as £100 for 10 hours do offer what seems to be a really tempting deal, but when a driving lessons costs the instructor around £10 an hour to run, expect clauses, conditions and maybe a different level of service to what you would have hoped for. Cheap driving instructors in Burnley come with experience, wisdom and knowledge, not a special deal.

Saving Your First £250…

This is a guide on how to save your first £250, as it is a guide you could be a little bit below or a little bit over, you’ll understand….

It doesn’t matter if you are learning how to play the guitar or whatever new skill, you have to practice and failure to do so will slow down how quickly you learn. In fact, if you are playing the guitar just one hour a week, you won’t be able to remember much of what you learned from the week before – right? The progress you make is pretty slow and you might need 20-30 minutes to get back to the standard you were at in the previous week.

Now imagine that with driving lessons.
Just assume you need a 15 minute recap, not even a 20-30 minute recap, just 15 minutes.
It means for every 4 hours of lessons you are losing one hour, and with the average number of lessons for any pupil to pass being 47, you could be throwing away as many as 12 hours.
Let’s say it’s just 10 hours you waste and rather than working out the price of a lesson based on £27 or £28 an hour, we’ll use £25 – that’s your £250, but as you can see it could be a lot more.

So how are you going to start saving that money?
Save up on your lessons and when you can take 2 hour lessons because you learn a lot more and try to have 2 lessons a week because you forget a lot less!

Here Is Another £250 Saving

Because you are following our advice there will be no need for private practice. The DVSA state the average learner will take 20 hours or so of private practice on their journey to passing the driving test.

Assume insuring the family car, filling it with fuel, and covering the important cost of depreciation to the brakes, clutch, tyres, and alloys comes to £30 a week, it does not sound like a lot of money right? But what if you did that for only 3 months, and remember many people take 6 months or more to pass. At just 3 months that could land you a bill of close to £400.

If you do follow our advice, you can take the sensible steps and work towards saving a lot of money.

Yet Another Potential Saving of Another £250

On the homepage I demonstrate how I will help you pass your driving test at the first attempt.
The driving examiner will be looking to see the following.

1. In control of the car at all times
2. Always obeying the Highway Code
3. To drive with the right attitude
4. Able to spot hazards and avoid them

Because I teach you those skills from the first lesson, give you a mock driving test and take you through the learning to drive syllabus it will mean you are a very prepared and very confident driver. The driving test will be just another day, and ride in the car.

Failing your driving test can cost you a lot of money, around £250 to £300 when you include more lessons and the cost of a new test. However following my formula you have every chance of passing first time.

As you can see, if you want cheap driving lessons in Burnley there are plenty of schools with a few deals which look really enticing or you can take lessons with my school Belvedere. Call me today.

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